Las Vegas masseskyting

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Pokermiljøet reagerer på Las Vegas masseskyting

Sist søndag natt, åpnet  Stephen Paddock skudd mot 22,000 konsertgangere fra sitt rom på Mandalay Bay Hotel i Las Vegas. Minst 58 mennesker ble drept og 500 har blitt skadet etter en storm av kuler haglet ned mot publikum i Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Paddock, som ikke hadde noe alvorlig kriminelt rulleblad før dette, døde av tilsynelatende selvpåførte skader når politiet fant han på sitt hotellrom.

Dan Bilzerian, som var på festivalen når skytingen startet, filmet video på Instagram mens hendelsen tok sted og delte med sine 22.7 millioner Instagram følgere.

Ifølge hans histore, bevitnet han at en dame ble skutt i hodet og at han rømte fra åstedet for å skaffe et våpen slik at han kunne hjelpe til. Han sa senere at han var i sikkerhet og på vei hjem etter at hendelsen hadde blitt tatt hånd om av politi og føderale agenter.

Etter det som nå er blitt kjent som den verste masseskytingen i USAs historie, så har pokermiljøet tatt til sosiale medier for å dele sin avsky og ikke minst vise støtte ovenfor ofrene og alle familiene som er påvirket av denne forferdelig tragedien i Las Vegas.

I feel so angry, hurt and confused by the horrifying mass murder that occurred last night in Las Vegas. More than 50 beautiful people, who went out for night of fun, love and country music, are now dead. These are individuals that never expected this would be their last day. They all have ambitions they’ll never have the opportunity to follow and loved ones that never got to say goodbye. They were shot down by someone with multiple assault rifles from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay bay. Hundreds more were injured. One of my best friends was there. He ran for his life and saw so many people shot. I still don’t know if all my friends and family are safe. Las Vegas is my fucking city. The fear makes me want to spew hate and anger towards people who have beliefs that I think contributes to this happening. The fear makes me want to hide. The fear and anger inside me makes me want to know who the fucking perpetrator is to find out why he did it. It feels like I need answers because I want to be able to say, “This won’t happen again.” But in this, I get to take responsibility for my choices. I choose not to know or say the shooter’s name. I choose to take action where possible. I choose to speak with passion and compassion. I choose to focus on the good— like the first responders. Like the heroes who carried the wounded to safety. Like the victims at the concert who threw themselves on top of their loved ones to protect them from bullets. We all get to choose. Perhaps you have had certain held beliefs about guns, mental health, politics, terrorism, police, security. To you I ask, can we choose to be willing to be wrong? Can we speak in a way that the other can hear us? Can we come together and make a fucking difference in the name of all those lost their opportunity to last night? I urge us all not to get stuck in fear and anger. Separation and hate will only move us backwards. Unity and love will give us a chance to move forward. Who you are, the choices you make and the words you choose are never neutral. You are either contributing to more hate or more love. You are chooser. #lasvegas

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💙🖤Thanks to everyone who reached out to me to see if I am alright. I really do appreciate it. I'm not quite sure what to think or feel this morning. I've seen things like this happen all over the world and I've always tried to block out those emotions. I've become very good at taking in, processing, and moving on quickly through my experience in poker but that isn't taking place at all right now. The night before last I was at an outdoor concert in downtown Las Vegas, something like this easily could have taken place during that event. When the shooting began, I was MINUTES away from it on the strip. I sat in my living room looking out the window to the strip and listening to the police scanner praying that I wouldn't hear gunfire go off or some type of bomb. My heart was beating out of my chest for hours until I finally fell asleep late last night scared of what news or events I might wake up to see. I'm not sure what to do right now, but I know that I will try to make it count as a positive in some type of way for the world. I don't know if that will be in the form of content, teaching, or idk but I want my impact on the world to be something that uplifts people in a world of so much sadness taking place every day. Right now I have that sadness feeling in me; I just want to sit here and cry. I'm not sure what else to feel.

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